Services Overview

Our team of trained agents utilize custom-built, proprietary technology to retrieve, digitize, index, code, and securely deliver medical records from physicians, facilities and provider locations. These digitized medical records are securely hosted in our central record repository, for immediate access by authorized demand.

Our software is designed to meet the health information technology demands with medical record retrieval and online documentation.

Entry of each request is expedited through our database.  As soon as a request is entered into our system, our retrieval staff begins contacting providers, requesting copies of medical records to be sent to our headquarters. Once received, the documents are scanned, digitized, indexed and linked to your online request and view-able in your online portal.  Upon completion, you will receive an immediate email alert informing you that the digital record is available for viewing, printing, and storing right from your computer or mobile device.


We spare no expense to provide rigid security parameters to ensure the proper handling of sensitive medical information. Our staff works in a secure facility and follows stringent document handling processes and practices. Our systems run on the most advanced servers, software and 128-bit encryption methods available.

You can rest assured that all confidential medical information is protected, secure, and fully compliant with HIPAA standards and all other government regulations.